The Platform
Beneath Every Solution

The core of our technology, and the key to visualizing complex datasets in 3D, is our powerful and efficient 3D engine. By combining the engine with our cloud services and JavaScript API we have made a unique plaftorm for solving real business problems fast and affordably.

Efficient 3D Core Engine – Great Features in a Portable Package

Our excellent 3D engine displays large model files effortlessly even on smartphones. It is available on iOS, Android and Windows, each of which uses the same cross-platform interface to communicate with the engine – write once, run anywhere.

JavaScript API – Powerful Customization Options

With the help of the easy-to-use JavaScript API, you can build your own apps on top of the core engine. A regular HTML page can be displayed next to the 3D view and the page can communicate with the 3D model.


Cloud Service – Sync Your Projects to Use Them Anywhere

Our cloud service stores your projects and syncs data to all your devices automatically. Upload your 3D models to the cloud and you will be collaborating with your colleagues in no time.

So how does it work?


3D Core Engine

3D Core Engine

• Displays large 3D models even on smartphones
• Supports Android, iOS and Windows

Javascript API

Javascript API

• Build your own apps on top of the client core
• Nearly endless customization options

Cloud Service

Cloud Service

• Sync models and annotations on all devices
• Collaborate with automatic annotation sync