Tekla Acquires Field3D Construction Business from SVS Innovations

The software producer Tekla (part of Trimble) has closed a deal to acquire SVS Innovations’ current Construction business. After the handover, SVS Innovations will continue to apply 3D mobile technology to other building industry areas, including:

  • Architecture
  •  MEP – Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
  • Facility Management
  • City and Area Planning

Field3D is an easy­to­use 3D collaboration software solution for Building Information Modeling that works on mobile devices. The software allows stakeholders in a construction workflow to benefit from 3D model information, essentially to have an entire building “in your pocket.”

Field3D is now part of a larger offering, and we believe that is the right way forward for our clients. Tekla’s global market position enables them to quickly deploy the benefits of this advanced technology. This acquisition demonstrates the value of our mobile 3D platform, and now we can continue leveraging this innovative technology to other industries,” says Mr. Antti Nurminen, CEO of SVS Innovations.

Tekla’s own press release about this acquisition can be found at: http://www.tekla.com/company/news/tekla-acquires-field3d-business-svs-innovations
Tekla press release in Finnish: http://www.tekla.com/fi/tietoa-teklasta/uutiset/tekla-ostaa-field3d-mobiiliteknologian-svs-innovations-yhtiolta