SVS Innovations wins competition from city of Mikkeli, Finland!

SVS Innovations is one of 11 winners for an open competition from the city of Mikkeli, Finland. In Mikkeli’s quest to become “Finland’s first digital city”, it hosted a competition entitled “digital services to enhance daily life” ­ of both residents and local businesses.

SVS Innovation’s proposal is a 3D City Portal for both desktop and mobile devices. The purpose of the city portal would be to:

  • provide information about the city in a format that is easily understood
  • serve as a platform to visualize how new architectural developments change the cityscape
  • link information from other sources to the city’s 3D model, become a “3D user interface”

Why 3D? If, as the saying goes, “a picture is worth 1,000 words”, would a 3D model then be worth 10,000 words? In all seriousness, people that are not trained to read 2D drawings can easily understand 3D models ­ it is a human tendency. Relative locations between buildings or how new developments fit into the existing environment can be visualized to promote understanding. Also, with a 3D model, users are not constrained to view the city from certain, chosen perspectives, but can also “walk around” and see different angles for themselves.

Our vision for the 3D City Portal includes:

A portal accessible from desktop and mobile devices, a virtual city created for residents and local professionals Serves further development from city planning, through construction, all the way to active use Offers access to public information in a format that is easily understood Provides an additional channel for citizens to participate and influence local decision­making Expedites and improves quality of area development (reduces complaints by providing better understanding)