Maint3D released! 3D mobile viewer for Facilities and Operations Maintenance

Increase the value of buildings with a 3D mobile viewer made for Facilities Management. All building information is readily available, “in­ your­pocket” and the simple user interface does not require an engineer’s degree to operate.

Reduce cost with fast collaboration and better understanding of business status, i.e., visualize building automation data in color on the 3D model (temperature, energy, space usage, alarms, etc.)

Link maintenance documentation to relevant locations within the 3D model to make them easily accessible to maintenance personnel, reducing the need for extensive IT system training.

How is this possible? Maint3D can smoothly handle very large 3D models (> 10 GB) on mobile devices and PC browsers, opening up value­adding usage of the models as communication media. An embeddable API allows control of the viewer on mobiles and in PC­ browsers to visualize backend system data, in 3D.

Download from the Appstore immediately (search for “maint3d”), or inquire from about Enterprise use!