Internet­-of­-Things data visualized in 3D on mobile

The Maint3D API allows unprecedented dynamic control over 3D models, enabling connection to external database systems to display documents, work orders, even IoT sensor data in color!

Connect to sensors and data systems in 3D on mobile: “what you see is what you manage”

  1. can work with very large models on mobile (> 2GB)
  2. mobile interface opens possibilities for “normal” users to interact with building data via 3D
  3. collaboration tools to mark up models and attach photos of issues
  4. easy to integrate to existing data systems using API: link documents, Work Order, sensor data
  5. “webview” panel allows customized apps

Webview demo apps, not difficult to make:
­Fault Management / work order creation:
­Moving objects using API: ­
Custom snaglist properties for Bridge Inspection: